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1. To talk on and on; chatter. 2. To be critical of or find fault with.

Negative Process

1. That series of actions, changes or functions that bring about the failure of a person’s intended end or result. 2. Ongoing, downward movement in the opposite of the direction one intends. 3. An action motivated by a counter-intention.

Negative Synergy

1. The interaction of two or more agents or forces so that their combined effect is less than the sum of their individual effects. 3. The potential ability of individual organizations or groups to be less successful and nonproductive as a result of a merger. 4. Competitive interaction between partners in a relationship that creates a reduced combined result that is less than the sum of their individual results.


A small, profitable segment of an existing market. It is easier for new companies, projects or start-ups to gain a competitive advantage and to dominate their field by focusing on a small market, versus a highly served large market. This is counterintuitive for most people because they think there are more opportunities in large, established markets.

No Sympathy

1. A determination to not be sympathetic. 2. Icy; emotionally cold and hardened. 3. An emotion and an action of preventing the feeling of affinity with that which is hurting.


1. A system of names assigned to experiences of a specific area of study or understanding.  For example, the specific words used in the domain of law, medicine or computers. 2. The terminology of a science etc. 3. Systematic naming.

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