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Wall of Death

How Much Did They Pay You to Give Up on Your DREAMS?

This short clip is from the 2009 movie “Up in the Air” starring George Clooney. George’s character is delivering bad news about a layoff.

Dreams. We all have them. When we were children our heads were full of possibility, dreams, and fantasies. Most of us knew no limits, other than what we were told we could or could not do.

As we got older our conditioning from family, friends, society and school brought us down to reality, to what was practical and reasonable. Many of us embarked on careers, expecting them to last a lifetime only to discover that times had changed and we had to change too or become obsolete.

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Project Work & Multifunctional Teams

A dramatic change in the structure of modern organizations is transforming the very nature of work.  The traditional position descriptions that are part of a formal, rigid, hierarchical organizational structure are changing into loosely structured, multifunctional virtual project teams.

These virtual project teams work across time zones and borders as part of multiple project teams.  They can be easily assembled and dissembled at the completion of the project.

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The Importance of Work

Work is still the best way to achieve personal success and to better play our role within society: it helps in enhancing self-esteem, provides social prestige and generates income which facilitates civil and political participation. Work is, has been, and will remain the key component of the social contract. It forms the basis for creating societies of free women and men, and it is the foundation for democratic governance.

– International Labor Organization

Cost of Mental Illness

A recent study of 30,000 workers showed that individuals suffering from depression took an average of 30 days off work while stress-sufferers were away for 21 days.

This research shows just how important it is for managers and HR professionals to take early action to support individuals before their condition deteriorates into a long-term sick leave problem.

– Chartered Institute of Personal Development

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