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Happy Where My Heart Is

Soft Power vs Hard Power


If You Want To Increase Your Power And Effectiveness, Consider Adopting More Soft Power! This Article explains WHY and HOW.

The rise of Western Authoritarianism has given a lot of people virtual heart attacks. Over the past few decades, massive social change has been driven by changes in demographics combined with globalization.

The middle class has been decimated and less educated, economically marginalized, predominately middle-aged white men increasingly see their prospects for upwards economic mobility as limited. Free trade, immigration, and liberalization are seen as causes of their economic and social malaise.

Social services, universal healthcare, and higher taxes are seen as wasteful and economic inequality as unavoidable.

How does this apply to Asia, Latin America, the Middle East, and Africa? More importantly, how does this apply to our everyday leadership within small and large corporations?

Do Something For Someone Else: 100% of Your Clients Are People

Gotta love this video about fulfillment and doing things for others… 100% of your clients are people… 100% of your colleagues are people… 100% of your friends are people… sounds obvious but most people forget! How is that possible?

Happiness and Success Orbit Each Other

We all aspire to more happiness, success and fulfillment and yet few people are aware of the relationship between each of these states.

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What Is My Purpose?

Your purpose is your reason for being, for existing. It is what gets you up in the morning and provides meaning for your life. Often, our sense of purpose comes from our deepest essence – our core – and includes knowing who we are, where we come from, and where we are going.

Most people have a natural desire to contribute… to make a difference. Typically, our purpose is a combination of expressing our unique gifts or talents in a vocation (work, career or profession that is inspired) that contributes to others.

What about a self-serving purpose? This is possible and many people are driven in this way.  However, the biggest challenge that results from this kind of purpose is a lack of fulfillment.

Fulfillment is the result of being on purpose in a way that makes a difference to others.

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