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Love & Spiritual Power

This video is an excerpt from the GOLDZONE Experience.

All intangibles grow when they are shared!

If a business operates on the purpose of making money only, sacrificing principles in order to make money, what type of products will they produce?

A purpose-driven business operates differently!

Love is Metaphysical Gravity

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Our Greatest LUXURY is Time

Our Greatest Luxury Is Time.001

CUPID: Musing About LOVE

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– dedicated to the memory of Anjou MacPherson (1959 – 2012)
By Andrew John Harrison

L. O. V. E.

I often ponder what it is
where it comes from
why so many people long for it and yet deny themselves

When I Think of Love


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How Will We Love?


Lack of Love

Lack of love as a child leads to feelings of inadequacy.  This leads to sensitivity to rejection as an adult.

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