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Financial Clean Slate – Money Magic 3/3

Financial Clean Slate – Money Magic 2/3

Financial Clean Slate – Money Magic 1/3

Live Audio: Financial Clean Slate – May 27 to 28, 2017

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18 hours of live audio recording from the May 27 to 28, 2017 OPTIMA Program: Financial Clean Slate.

Financial Freedom, Prosperity, and Wealth are Your BIRTHRIGHT. Claim Yours Now.

Consumer Price Index 1775 to 2012


Big Mac Index 2017

The Big Mac Index is published by The Economist as an informal and light-hearted way of measuring the purchasing power parity (PPP) between two currencies and provides a rule of thumb to see the relative cost of the same item in different countries.

If you want to buy a Big Mac, look how much it is in Switzerland compared to Egypt. How to use this? Think of retirement. If you are in the US with $1 take it to Egypt and it goes 3.5 times as far ($1 in the US is like $3.5 in Egypt).

Statistic: Global prices for a Big Mac in January 2017, by country (in U.S. dollars) | Statista

Global Inflation Rate 2010 to 2020

Based on the global inflation rate from 2010 to 2020, $1 in 2010 will be worth $.69 in 2020.

The below data is from the IMF, statista.

Statistic: Global inflation rate from 2010 to 2020 (compared to previous year) | Statista

Know Your Money Nomenclature!

If you were an architect or a doctor, you would know the nomenclature of architecture or medicine. If you are not a doctor, you would pick up some of the terminologies of medicine from your family┬ádoctor, the media or friends, however, you wouldn’t have a full command of it unless you were very interested and committed to years of study. Even within the field of medicine, there are specialties that have their own terminologies. Yikes!

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Unlimited Wealth

Technology has fundamentally changed the old paradigm of Malthusian Economics, reshaping our business and personal lives. Many of what were scarce and hard to obtain resources of finite supply are now widely available and at a lower cost than ever, due to the multiplication and effectiveness of technology. This effect is known as Ephemeralization, a term coined by R. Buckminster Fuller, which means the process of doing more and more with less and less.

Technology controls both the definition and supply of physical resources and has made physical assets less important than intellectual assets. Each technological breakthrough produces a subsequent quantum leap in business growth, with constant increases in performance and decreasing costs. This is a powerful driver of new wealth.

These forces have been harnessed by entrepreneurs leading some of the world’s most successful companies. They are also available to you to create new wealth for yourself, family and community.

Check out this article published on Quartz > here, which explains how Elon Musk uses this principle to innovate. You will love it!


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