Discover what PASSION looks
and feels like!

Let’s begin with the definition of passion:


  1. A strong feeling of enthusiasm or excitement for something or about doing something.
  2. A strong sexual or romantic feeling for someone.

Most people, when they contemplate the word “passion,” think of sex or romance. This is such a limited view! Very few people think of work, activities, or what they do with their time.

This is because of the fixation on security and comfort over adventure, freedom, and passion. To find one’s purpose in life requires a sensitivity most people don’t have. Purpose and passion are the core aspects of living a fully-realized, self-actualized life.

Why is it that so many people are focused on retirement when the statistics show that so many people who retire die early deaths? Why would you spend a moment longer doing something you don’t enjoy with people you don’t like other than for the money, security, or comfort?

What good is all the money in the world if you aren’t around to enjoy it – passionately? And yet so many people settle for boring and mediocre lives of quiet desperation. STOP! Don’t let that be you for a moment longer.

Make a decision today to live with passion and make passion the criteria for deciding what you do, where you do it, and with whom you do it.

If you don’t love it – don’t do it!

I have asked thousands of people in seminars and one-on-one to describe what passion looks and feels like… so few people could come even close to articulating, let alone demonstrate the feeling. YES, passion is a feeling; if you are numb, you will not feel it.

So, one Sunday, while staring at the giant Venetian yellow and gold lion tapestry in my office, I wrote the following description of passion. I hope you fall in love with it.


When I feel passionate, I have a heightened sense of vitality, aliveness, vibrancy, drive, and enthusiasm.  I feel a warm excitement and an all-consuming focus on my sensations.  I have a sense of confidence, total concentration, and keen awareness.

I feel an intense positive relationship with another person or group of people — communion, unity, closeness, friendliness, freedom, mutual respect, and interdependence.  I have a growing sense of trust and appreciation for whoever I am around or working with.  There is a desire for giving, for doing something for another person.

I seem to be immediately in touch with and appreciative of my immediate physical sensations.  I notice that I am experiencing everything fully, completely, and thoroughly.  I feel fully alive, as if another dimension has been added and everything has a greater intensity.  All my senses seem to be completely open.

There is a quickening of my heartbeat, my blood pressure goes up, and blood seems to rush through my body.  My body tingles, and my breathing becomes faster and faster.  My muscle tone is suddenly enhanced, and I feel strong with a sense of being more substantial, existing, and real.

I am aware of being caught up and overwhelmed by the feeling as if gripped by the situation.  I am intensely here and now.  I am completely focused on this excitement. Nothing intrudes; all other feelings diminish, filling my whole being, spreading over everyone and everything.

I lose myself completely in the feeling and the experience; there is no thinking, just feeling.  There is a great desire to let go of myself completely.

Words come easily as I can express myself fully and can freely share my thoughts and feelings with others.  My movements are easy and flowing, and I become especially coordinated.  I am less aware of time.  I feel expansive, and a gradual swelling of intensity builds up to a peak.  It easily flows from the inside to the outside.

If you are ready to have a different kind of life, then it is urgent 
that you infuse your life with aliveness, desire, and passion…

Ignite Your PASSION!

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