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Never Too Old

When it’s time to shine, be the brightest! – Wang De Shun

A humble and down-to-earth man and China’s favourite grandfather, actor, and catwalk model. If he can do this after 60 years of work, what can you do?

[wpvideo Hp5Ny9VF]

Must We Justify Our Right to Exist?

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Everyone is Born a Genius

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Left Foot, Right Foot

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The Reason I Know So Much

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Love is Metaphysical Gravity

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99% Invisible & Untouchable

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If I Ran a School

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We All Start Out Knowing Magic


CUPID: Musing About LOVE

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– dedicated to the memory of Anjou MacPherson (1959 – 2012)
By Andrew John Harrison


I often ponder what it is
where it comes from
why so many people long for it and yet deny themselves

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