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World’s Apart: How To Build Bridges, Not Walls

Finding areas of disagreement is easy. We all have them. Have you ever tried to convince someone of the merits of your position and argued over it for hours, only to find that you both became more entrenched in your point-of-view?

Arguing over differences does not work. Not only that, it makes things worse!

What works is finding areas of agreement, things we have in common, building on that before we look at areas of difference. You can’t change a person’s mind on anything. Only they can do that.

Changing your mind is the only thing that matters. Any area that you want to transform requires a change, and usually, a change of mind is the only thing that sticks in the long term.

Next time you want to win someone over to your point of view, remember this Heineken Ad and start with areas you agree on. Since we are social animals, we relax and let the guards of our minds down when we relax over food or beverage. Then build bridges, not walls.

You Have Got To Have a Dream: Happy Talk

It was 1995 when I first encountered the Happy Talk song from the 1958 musical South Pacific. I loved it right away.

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The World’s Major Religions – Who is Right?

This video from TED-Ed by John Bellaimey is a very good summary of the world’s top five religions.

I am right, no, I am right.

I believe that everyone, regardless of their faith, belief or religion should study all the major religions with an open mind. Naturally, many people believe that there can only be one true way, one right way and that all others are wrong. This thinking is black and white and does not take into account that the rainbow is comprised of many different colors and even black and white have varying shades of gray between them!

Thinking that in order to be right, others must be wrong automatically, is the cause of a lot of misery, wars, fights and needless suffering. It plays out in our bedrooms and our boardrooms.

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New Forums

We have added a new forum function to for the community to post, interact, ask questions and get answers.

We realize that with today’s social media, Twitter, Facebook posts, pages, and groups it may seem that old-fashioned forums are no longer useful. We love the instant interaction of these mediums, however, with forums, you can read old posts, share across time and space and all with like-minded people on the same quest. Searching by topic and seeing everyone’s comments is invaluable!

Forums are open to everyone to read, however you have to be a member to comment. If you haven’t become a member yet, you can do so > here.

We will continue to host groups on Facebook, and for more engaged, topic-specific discussion, you can’t beat the forums.

The Renaissance for LEADERS Forums are accessed via the “Community” tab on the top right-hand side of the main menu at the top of the page or > here.

How The Economic Machine Works

One of my favorite subjects at school was economics.

Understanding how the economy works is the foundation of creating your own financial success because we operate in a subset of the world, regional, national and local economies.

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Personal & Economic Freedom – Your Basic Right

Are you free? Can you work when you want, with whom you want, doing what you want? Can you live anywhere you like? Can you travel as much as you want to? Can you buy whatever your heart desires, or do you feel trapped and limited?

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A small group of leaders can make a huge impact on the lives of millions of people. A single decision can cause ripples to expand and widen its effects, just like the wolves of Yellowstone.

When wolves were reintroduced to Yellowstone National Park after an absence of nearly 70 years, an incredible “trophic cascade” occurred. What is a trophic cascade and how exactly do wolves change rivers? George Monbiot explains in this riveting mashup.

For the Yellowstone environment, the wolves were the Key Leverage Point. Without them, the park declined, species died away, riverbanks eroded, the flora and fauna receded. By returning a small group of wolves, the entire park’s environment changed and lush, verdant new life returned.This is a very good example of how we can be optimistic about our own lives and planet earth as an ecosystem. It is easy to feel pessimistic, doubt what one person or a small group can do, stop trying, and give up.

This is a very good example of how we can be optimistic about our own lives and planet earth as an ecosystem. It is easy to feel pessimistic, doubt what one person or a small group can do, stop trying, and give up.

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Chef Pino in Action

Thank you, Chef Pino from Tosca! A very special acknowledgment to Matteo Gaeta for entertaining and feeding us for two very special weeks.

At the Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong, the tallest hotel in the world.

Inside the Kitchen of Laduree

Yes, one will feel hungry watching this video! Consider how you can infuse your everyday life with more artistry, style, and pizazz?

Courtesy of Harpers Bazaar.

Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

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