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Clean Slate

A fresh start. Tabula Rasa. Another chance after wiping out old experiences, failures, offenses or debts. To begin again without prejudice.

“Peter’s boss assured him that the matter was finished and he could start again with a clean slate.”

“Yesterday’s negotiations did not go well and we intend to start again today with a clean slate.”

“The company’s debts have been written off so that the new management can start with a clean slate.”


1. Free from cloudiness, obscurity, darkness. 2. Light. 3. Transparent, without discoloration, defect, or blemish. 4. The state in which a person is certain, who operates at cause over the various aspects of their life, can confront anything and everything in their past, present, or future.  5. A feeling of confidence, certainty, and clarity with no doubt. 6. The state of freedom from feelings of denial, guilt, shame, blame or justification.


1. The act or process of becoming clear. 2. The reciprocal exchange between banks of checks or drafts, and the settlement of the difference. 3. A graduated process of removing all reactions, buttons, triggers, fixed ideas, physical pain and painful emotion from a person’s life.  4. Locating places where a person’s attention is fixed and restoring their ability and self-determinism.

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