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1. Existence; a state of existence; a condition of existence. 2a. An object, idea, or symbol that exists, is thought to exist or is represented as existing. b. A person. 3. (Capital B) God. 4. One’s basic essential nature. 5. (Philosophy) a. That which can be conceived as existing. b. Absolute existence in its perfect and unqualified state; the essence of existence.


1. The assumption or choosing of a category of identity. Beingness is assumed by oneself or given to oneself, or is attained. Examples of beingness would be one’s own name, profession, physical characteristics, role in a game – each and all of these things could be called one’s beingness. 2. The person one should be in order to survive. 3. Essentially, an identification of self with an object.


1. A firm opinion. 2. An acceptance of a thing, fact, statement, etc. 3. An acceptance that something exists.

Belief System

A belief system is the set of a person’s interrelated ideas, principles, precepts, rules, or laws that govern their acceptance or conviction in the actuality of something they perceive.  It is the person’s mindset.  Belief systems are created by the person’s knowledge and experiences.


1. Accept as true or as conveying the truth.

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