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The Culture of “Blame”

One of the biggest blocks to most people stepping into personal leadership and responsibility is that they are so afraid of making mistakes that they won’t take the risk of being responsible and accountable at the same time.  Most people inaccurately see responsibility as another way of laying “blame” – or finding who is “at fault” when things go wrong.  Combine this with the fear of losing face, and you have people who won’t speak up – even though they know the solution!

Encouraging people to speak up requires building trust and safety.  Before people will take the risk of speaking up, they need to know that they won’t be punished for expressing themselves and stating their opinions.

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Creativity Killers


  1. I find the title very appropriate – aren’t a lot of cultures infused with “Blame” or not taking responsibility? And then as a Leader building a team this can be frustrating, thanks for the key to make it safe for people to make mistakes and express – more expression leads to more creativity.

  2. Yes… most people including myself needed to feel safe (not being made wrong) to express ourselves!

  3. I can relate to this… linking responsibility to being blame when things go wrong.

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