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Lack of Love

Lack of love as a child leads to feelings of inadequacy.  This leads to sensitivity to rejection as an adult.

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  1. I am realizing each day, the importance of appreciating people around me and how a little acknowledgment can go a long way.

  2. Joyce

    I’ve learnt that the simplest acknowledgements and appreciations given to my kids have made a huge difference to their level of confidence. At many times , adults feel that they need to “teach” their kids… I feel that appreciation, kind words of encouragement and simple acknowledgements are communications of love that impact my kids the most!

  3. I agree, very true. It can make you over sensitive to criticism, even if it is constructive… Adrian asked how you over it… best way I have found is by doing things that make me feel good about myself. Like a regular exercise routine, doing what I say I will do, etc.. What about you? How do you overcome it?

  4. This simple sentence has a powerful message, from my experience very true…. how do you overcome this?

  5. Ross

    I can relate to that Wayne!

  6. I agreed with you and it can be triggered with people just saying ‘No’…

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