Man’s Search for Meaning is one of the all-time great books on life meaning and purpose by Viktor Frankl. First published in 1946, Frankl chronicles his experiences as a prisoner in Nazi concentration camps during World War II.

When faced with unimaginable suffering, there are four differing approaches one could take; 1) to give up and resign oneself to fate 2) turn to religion 3) spiritualize the circumstances 4) find practical purpose and meaning in life, then immersively imagine a positive outcome.

Through the experiences as outlined in the book, Frankl takes the 4th option, to find practical purpose and meaning in life, immersively imagine a positive outcome, then help others do the same.

According to Frankl, meaning can be found through:

  • Experiencing reality by interacting authentically with the environment and with others,
  • Giving something back to the world through creativity and self-expression, and
  • Changing our attitude when faced with a situation or circumstance that we cannot change.

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