Key Concepts

With today’s workplaces becoming more and more about living than they are about money and finances alone and with the pressure to infuse our companies, organizations and professions with passion and aliveness we must become more passionate, alive and balanced ourselves.

The challenge is how do we do this? And what will it take to unblock our passion and creativity? What do I have to do to become more alive, alert, energetic and enthusiastic?

How do I inspire my team to change? How do I handle the stress caused by the fast pace of change? How do I inspire my team to take personal responsibility for their results, and their failures? How do I cope with failure? How do I create a work environment that is conducive to productivity? How do I bring more of the personal assets of my people into the workplace?

Passion, aliveness, enthusiasm and responsibility are all infused with energy and the source of this energy is LIFEFORCE.

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