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The Key Is Sincerity

“The key to a leader’s impact is sincerity. Before he can inspire with emotion he must be swayed by it himself. Before he can move their tears his own must flow. To convince them he must himself believe.”

– Winston Churchill

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  1. Fiona.

    Great quote from Winston Churchill – an inspirational leader of his days!

  2. Ric

    Fantastic Quote :

    The conviction within ourselves will attract and inspire others to follow you

  3. I was moved to read this line…..”Before he can move their tears his own must flow”……..This is so true and resonates with me.

    In my experience of leading projects and people, if I am not moved or connected to what I am doing, then there is a missing link, in inspiring those I am leading… to be connected to the project at hand and enjoy the experience of it.

  4. This is accurate, I find I am more inclined to listen and then take action when the speaker is sincere..

  5. I know my own belief and connection to project has an impact on the on it. When my heart and belief is fully in it, it sways the hearts and minds of of others. Nothing much ever came for me just going through the motions.

  6. This is so true. I have not met many leaders who are sincere and inspirational. We need more sincere leaders around.

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