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It’s All About the Vision

It is time for some Corporate Reinvention!

The most common reason why most corporations only achieve a fraction of the possible potential available to them is the lack of a worthwhile, meaningful, inspiring and compelling vision that magnetizes and motivates the entire organization.  Many of the vision statements hanging in the boardrooms are old, out of date, not well communicated and uninspiring.

This is especially true in times of economic recession.

Corporate Reinvention is about refocusing, reorganizing, reframing and redirecting your organization.  And the most important component of any organization is the VISION.  Next is aligning the people, marketing, systems, policies and procedures behind the vision.

How do you do that if your organization is in a crisis that is threatening its survival? Do you really have a choice?

Reasons to consider engaging in a Corporate Reinvention process:

  • You are not achieving your goals
  • The industry has changed, margins are down, competition is fierce
  • Economic crisis, sales are down, financing is scarce
  • Acquisition/merger with another organization requiring complete restructuring
  • Dramatic changes in your product or service due to technological developments
  • International expansion
  • Downsizing of the organization
  • Reorganization, sale or IPO
  • New CEO, board or senior management

An inspiring vision should infuse passion, engage the hearts, minds, bodies and souls of the people working within your organization, your clients, your suppliers and your shareholders.  Every person should know what the vision is and how their daily activities contribute to the vision.

<<its all about the VISION>>

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  1. Water Tay

    Having seen the copywriters’ work, most times I feel that the company Vision and Mission Statement is a “show-piece”. Everything is so nice on the prospectus or at the plaque at the reception area. There is no follow through and alignment, and even if it does, probably at a very mental level.

  2. It’s time like now that we have to look at the VISION and aligning the people, marketing, systems, policies and procedures behind the vision…

  3. Fiona.

    Corporate Reinvention is like a breath of fresh air to old stale visions. When a company is in the middle of challenging times, someone clear and objective really can support the alignment to the new vision and therefore better results. I agree there is a real need to clarity…..great posting – provokes much thought!

  4. JCL

    There is a real NEED for CLARITY of what a VISION is … ! I have seen so many companies with stated Visions that seem somewhat narrow and focused on results.. these read more like missions and objectives or goals…

  5. This is so true, I have seen the lack of vision put companies into crisis and companies with passionate leaders with a clear vision succeed even in tough times.

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