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The Economic Burden of Chronic Disease

“More than half of Americans suffer from one or more chronic diseases. Each year millions of people are diagnosed with chronic disease, and millions more die from their condition. By our calculations, the most common chronic diseases are costing the economy more than $1 trillion annually – and that figure threatens to reach $6 trillion by the middle of the century.

“Yet much of this cost is avoidable. This failure to contain the containable is undermining prospects for extending health insurance coverage and for coping with the medical costs of an aging population. The rising rate of chronic disease is a crucial but frequently ignored contributor to growth in medical expenditures.”

– An Unhealthy America: The Economic Burden of Chronic Disease (courtesy of Milken Institute)

The Impact Our Genes Have on Our Health

Our predisposition to certain types of disease has been handed down to us by our ancestors via our genes. If your family has a high incidence of heart disease – then you have a higher chance of getting heart disease than if your family has a low incidence of heart disease. Knowing your family health history is critical to empower you to take preventative actions before you become another family statistic.

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