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1. The act of agreeing. 2. Harmony of opinion; accord. 3. An understanding or arrangement between two or more people, countries, etc. 4. A negotiated and typically legally binding arrangement between parties as to a course of action.


1. Affinity, Reality, and Communication which together equate to understanding, good feeling, friendliness or love.  The most important aspect of developing a relationship is communication, which builds a common reality, which develops closeness or affinity.  The result is understanding.


1. The interchange of ideas, thoughts, concepts, and feelings between two or more people. It includes duplication and comprehension by both the sender and receiver. 2. The act of making known, imparting. 3. To express oneself in such a way that one is readily and clearly understood.


1. The act or fact of comprehending; understanding. 2. The knowledge that is acquired through comprehending. 3. The capacity to include; comprehensiveness.


1. To become aware of through any of the senses. 2. To observe, take notice of. 3. To gain an understanding of, apprehend.


1. A relationship or affinity between persons or things in which whatever affects one correspondingly affects the other. 2. The act of or capacity for sharing or understanding the feelings of another person. 3. Agreement with or support for an opinion or position. 4. A feeling or expression of pity or of sorrow for the distress of another. 5. An emotion that an individual uses when immobilized to enlist help from others. 6. An emotional state similar to grief or apathy.

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