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1. The materialism and overconsumption in affluent communities that is harmful to the environment and society. Includes large-scale consumer debt, product waste, and greed. The relentless pursuit of financial success leaves them unfulfilled and unsatisfied, craving more wealth, while unable to get lasting pleasure from material things. Consumption and acquisition dominate their time and thoughts to the detriment of personal relationships and wellbeing. 2. The guilt, depression or lack of motivation experienced by people who have made or inherited large amounts of money and who no longer need to work. Endless increases in material wealth without a clear and compelling purpose may lead to feelings of worthlessness and dissatisfaction rather than experiences of a better life.


1. A definite, distinct occurrence; an event. 2. A usually violent or disruptive occurrence, especially one that precipitates a larger crisis. 3. An occurrence that interrupts normal procedure or functioning; a mishap. 4. A traumatic event that is recorded into memory with full emotional content, heightened perception, decisions, and postulates. Conclusions formed from these incidents are intended to aid success and survival, however, inaccurate perception often leads to wrong conclusions, less success, and lower survival ability.


1. The state of being prosperous; wealth, success or good fortune. 2. An abundance of correct and precise knowledge, games, perceptions, intentions, visions, plans, participants, time, importance, values, moods, responsibilities, motions, and actions, with accurately predicted outcomes and accomplishments.


1. A person in this zone is driven by their ego and attachment to how they think things should be in order to feel good about themselves. Motivated by power, control, domination and anger these people are flowing a lot of Lifeforce against opposition, against people, and perceived threats. 2. A person who is living, working and operating in the Success Paradigm. 3. The 4th out of 7 zones on the Optima Zones scale. 4. As a leader, the Yellowzone person is commanding, controlling and telling everyone what to do.

Yellowzone Paradigm

A reality or way of operating that produces a Yellowzone result.

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