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Tag: Response


1. A means of recognizing someone’s or something’s presence or existence. 2. A response or answer letting someone or something know that you have received and understood their communication.


1. Items, words, phrases, subjects or areas that cause a response or reaction in an individual by the words or actions of other people; causing the person discomfort, embarrassment, upset, or uncontrollable laughter. 2. Restimulators, words, voice tones, music, that are part of the unconscious mind. 4. It is called a button because when you push it (say it) you get a reaction. 5. Buttons are often used by manipulators to gain control over a person by triggering a reaction in them. 6. The more a person uses Clean Slate processes to resolve their buttons, the more conscious, in control, free, and empowered they become.

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