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1. A particular trade or profession. 2. A company or other organization that buys and sells goods, makes products or provides services. 3. Commercial activity involving the exchange of money for goods or services. 4. The amount of commercial activity or patronage that exists at a particular time. 5. Commercial practice or procedure. 6. The commercial dealings that a person or organization has with another company or individual. 7. Tasks or important things that a person has to do or deal with. 8. Personal responsibilities and concerns. 9. A situation or event that is characterized by difficulty, fuss, or unpleasantness. 10. Activities or things that are not clearly described or defined. 11. An action or series of actions performed by an actor for dramatic or comic effect, or to fill in a pause when little is happening on stage. Also called stage business. 12. Something very impressive or excellent (informal).


1. Of, relating to, engaged in, or suitable for a profession: lawyers, doctors, and other professional people. 2. Conforming to the standards of a profession: professional behavior. 3. Engaging in a given activity as a source of livelihood or as a career: a professional writer. 4. Performed by persons receiving pay: professional consultant. 5. Having or showing great skill; expert: a professional repair job. 6. A person following a profession, especially a learned profession. 7. One who earns a living in a given or implied occupation: hired a professional to build the house. 8. A skilled practitioner; an expert.

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