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Belief System

A belief system is the set of a person’s interrelated ideas, principles, precepts, rules, or laws that govern their acceptance or conviction in the actuality of something they perceive.  It is the person’s mindset.  Belief systems are created by the person’s knowledge and experiences.


1. The interchange of ideas, thoughts, concepts, and feelings between two or more people. It includes duplication and comprehension by both the sender and receiver. 2. The act of making known, imparting. 3. To express oneself in such a way that one is readily and clearly understood.

Fixed Ideas

1. An often unreasonable idea that may or may not have been true at one time and has become fixed, immovable and inaccurate despite evidence to the contrary or efforts to ignore it; an obsession. Usually, the person refuses to examine or dismantle these ideas. Some examples are: “I’m too old.” “I’m too young.” “Children should be seen and not heard.” “I cannot trust anyone.” “I’d better do it myself.” “I can’t do that.” 2. Something accepted without personal inspection or agreement.


1. The center of consciousness that records memory and manifests in thoughts, feelings, ideas, perceptions and imagination. 2. The totality of conscious and unconscious processes that direct the mental and physical behavior of a person. 3. The faculty of intellect as distinguished from emotion or will.

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