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The language of money, investing and business is the language of accounting, which is the systematic and comprehensive recording of financial transactions pertaining to a person, partnership or business. It includes the process of summarizing, analyzing and reporting these transactions to the persons managing the finances, as well as government and tax agencies. Accounting is one of the key functions of business and depending on the size and volume of transactions, it may be handled by a bookkeeper, accountant or teams of bookkeepers and accountants.


1. Separating a whole into its components or parts; using the process of analysis 2. Concerned with or based on analysis.


Analysis of the qualitative and quantitative information that contributes to the economic well-being and the subsequent financial valuation of a potential investment. Investors analyze these fundamentals to develop an estimate of whether the underlying asset is a worthwhile investment. For businesses, information such as revenue, earnings, assets, liabilities, and growth are considered some of the fundamentals.

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