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1. Not spoken: indicated tacit approval by smiling and winking. 2. Implied by or inferred from actions or statements: Management has given its tacit approval to the plan.

Tacit Paradigm Saboteur

Someone who says nothing remains silent and does not express or declare openly, by implied consent to go ahead with and that it is ok to Sabotage. This person operates on “I won’t fix mine if you don’t fix yours”, “I won’t look if you don’t look”, “I won’t know if you don’t know”, “I won’t plan if you won’t plan”, “I won’t act if you won’t act”, “I won’t learn if you won’t learn”, “I won’t work hard if you don’t work hard.” Tacit realities are deadly and are never true, but appear to be true due to the unspoken, unexpressed agreements.

Taken Care Of

An unspoken goal of many people who do not want to work or give anything. They often do nothing and have someone else work to make money to pay their bills. They either marry a rich person, inherit money, or marry a workhorse and obligate them into the rat race while they retire and pretend to be busy.


1. A clearly stated and specific ideal outcome (its quality attributes) of a system or process in written, visual or numeric form. 2. An objective or result aimed at.


1. A word having a precise meaning. 2. Any word or phrase used in a definite or precise sense, esp in a specialized field of knowledge. 3. A limited period of time.


1. A period or interval; duration; continuance. 2. The period between two events, or during which something happened, exists or acts. 3. A precise instant, second, minute, hour, day, week, month, or year, determined by clock or calendar. 4. The point at which something has happened is happening or will happen.

Time Poverty

The state or condition of having limited actual or perceived discretionary time. This may include being money-rich, time-poor, or money-poor, time-poor. The time-is-money attitude values money over other less “productive” or aesthetic aspects of life. A society that values work, efficiency, business, money, and materialism can develop high levels of material wealth at the expense of happiness, creativity, philosophy, spirituality and relationships. Overscheduled and overworked is a classic symptom of low-quality time as well as a person’s inability to take vacations, enjoy leisure time, waste time, or relax. You could say they are wound up like a clock!

Top Dog

1. The phenomena where people who have an agreement to cooperate, openly or covertly see others as rivals and compete to be the best, number one, most successful, leader or superior person through sabotage, suppression or domination. 2. One considered to have the dominant position or highest authority, especially as a result of a competitive victory.


1. A module consisting of a radio receiver and transmitter. 2. Any person, place, object, or subject that can receive and transmit.


1. A direction or course of movement; a flow. A trend is the direction of power. An uptrend means that power is directed upward. A downtrend means that power is withdrawn from an area or that power is directed downward.

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