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1. Something that ensues from an action, function, operation, policy, course of events, etc; outcome; consequence. 2. Favorable or desired outcomes. 3. To end in a particular way.


A fictitious country that is designed from scratch to personify all the excesses of capitalism, greed, workaholism, and consumerism to create a society that is soulless, heartless, and unhappy. The value of citizens is measured by their job title, salary, and sacrifices made in the pursuit of money, wealth, status, success, and recognition. Love is measured by external factors, rather than internally, inequality reaches extreme levels with an attitude towards the less fortunate that they have access to the same opportunities and don’t make anything of themselves, therefore they are undeserving. The media spews bad news, while the future is talked up frantically with pollyanna optimism. Art, aesthetic, nature, philosophy, and spirituality are devalued and discouraged as wastes of time and opportunity. Rich celebrities and capitalists are celebrated while kindness and compassion are marginalized due to a low perceived ROI. Working longer and longer hours are seen as heroic with intense competition for who can sacrifice the most personal life for the career, for success, and for recognition. Vacations are frowned on for people who are not committed. An inability to relax leads to a frenetic pace of life that is classic time poverty, with heart disease and depression masked by fashion, youth, and artificial beauty.

Rules of The Game

A list of 13 Rules that Goldzone Team Members and Leaders agree to operate by. These rules form the context for participation on the team and allow each team member to operate in a safe environment. Any team that implements these rules will get more done in less time, with the minimum of effort.

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