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1. A framework of thought, a model, pattern or example used to understand and explain certain aspects of reality. 2. Includes a common set of beliefs, theories, concepts, practices, values, assumptions and agreements that constitute a way of viewing reality. 3. A model.

Paradigm Crash

When a paradigm becomes overwhelmed by change or calamity it causes the individual, group or organization to go into a major shock. This shock stops the forward motion of the paradigm and it stops working. It is the beginning of a rapid downwards spiral.

Paradigm Shift

An irreversible shift from the prevailing paradigm to a new paradigm that operates by a different framework of thought, set of beliefs, theories, concepts, practices, values, assumptions and agreements that drive behavior and produces results. For example when the shift from earth to the sun as the center of solar system transformed the way people related to their place in the universe. In business and investing, a new paradigm is a new way of doing things that have a huge effect on business. New technology completely changes the way people think about or interact with something.


1. To become aware of through any of the senses. 2. To observe, take notice of. 3. To gain an understanding of, apprehend.


1. Something begun and carried through to completion. 2. The manner or style in which work, a role, an action or series of actions is carried out. 3. A presentation before an audience. 4. Something done; an accomplishment.


1. To pass through the openings or interstices of: liquid permeating a membrane. 2. To spread or flow throughout; pervade. 3. The ability to experience the exact who, what, where, when, why, how, mood, and their interactions, interdependencies, and consequences, which is the highest level of knowledge.


A person who has committed or performed a crime, or harmful act.

Personal Integrity

The quality of being true to oneself and living, acting and operating in alignment, harmony and in accordance with what one believes.


A detailed schedule, program, system, or method worked out for the attainment of an objective. 2. A proposed project. 3. A systematic arrangement of details; an outline or sketch. The plan is what you have to do to attain the vision and dream. It includes what your products are, what you need to keep score of to observe whether you are winning or losing, what roles you will have to play, and what knowledge and skills are vital to succeeding.

Positive Process

1. That series of actions, changes or functions that bring about a person’s intended end or result. 2. Ongoing, upward movement in the direction one intends.

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