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1. Dealing with outward things or exhibiting facts uncolored by feelings or opinions; not subjective. 2. External to the mind; actually existing; real. 3. Something sought or aimed at; an objective point.


A series of seminars, programs, and services that support a person, company or organization to realize their vision or optimum outcomes. The technology of moving up the Optima Zones to access, live and operate in the Goldzone.


Best or most favorable, esp. under a particular set of circumstances.


A process of orchestrating the efforts of all components toward achievement of the stated aim. If you optimize the pieces of a system you won’t optimize the whole.


1. The most favorable conditions. 2. The best or most favorable situation. 3. The best possible compromise between two opposing positions, tendencies, etc.

Optimum Solution

1. The solution which brings the greatest benefit to the greatest number of people. 2. The most favorable and effective method or process of dealing with a problem,


1. Life in the rat-race, daily grind or work-a-day-world. 2. A way of operating that is dominated by fear and security. 3. The 3rd out of 7 zones on the Optima Zones scale. 4. As a leader, the Orangezone person is tentative, uncertain, compliant and uninspiring.

Orangezone Paradigm

A reality or way of operating that produces an Orangezone result.


1. A result or effect; consequence. Outcomes are what come about from the implementations of plans.

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