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1. Something earned, won or otherwise acquired; a profit; an advantage; increase. 2. To run fast by (a specified amount). 3. To reach, especially by effort; get to; arrive at. 4. To get nearer, as in pursuit. 5. To draw away from or farther ahead of the other contestants in a race, one’s pursuers, etc. 6. To run fast (as in a watch or clock).


1. A fun activity that people participate in that involves skill, chance, or endurance on the part of two or more persons who play according to a set of rules, usually for their own amusement or for that of spectators. 2. A contest of person against person, or team against team. 3. All games are continuing by definition, since an unstarted game isn’t a game and a finished game isn’t a game. 4. A game consists of freedoms, barriers, and purposes.


1. Applicability to a whole class of instances. 2. Vagueness; lack of detail. 3. The state of being general. 4. An indefinite, unspecific, or undetailed statement. 5. The greater part or majority.


The process of worldwide interaction and integration of people, companies, and governments. For thousands of years, people have been trading with each other across long distances and in the process shared ideas, beliefs, and culture. The opening of borders, reduction of tariffs, the free movement of people, goods and capital, music, movies, combined with reduced transportation costs and technology has accelerated global integration and the export of American cultural values. English has dominated as the global language, with a global culture of entertainment, fashion and design emerging.


1. The object of a person’s ambition or effort; a destination, an aim. 2. The prime postulate, the prime intention. 3. The result or achievement toward which effort is directed; aim; end. 4. The terminal point in a race.


1. The state where everything flows and is effortless. 2. A person operating in the Goldzone is a fully-realized, self-actualized, optimum human being. Their usual mood level is serene, the state of grace. For this person, creation, manifestation and the extraordinary are a way of life. 3. A person who’s word “is as good as gold.” 4. The Optimum condition of any mechanical operation, team, organization or area. 5. The best or most favorable point, degree, amount, etc., as of temperature, light, and moisture for the growth or reproduction of an organism. 6. The greatest degree or best result obtained or obtainable under specific conditions. 7. A person of great wealth or great moneymaking ability. 8. A person who is living, working and operating in the Dream Paradigm. 9. The 7th out of 7 zones on the Optima Zones scale. 10. As a leader, the Goldzone person is inspiring, visionary, and synergistic.

Goldzone Leader

1. A leader who is operating from the New-Paradigm of partnership, cooperation, and team. They are inspiring, visionary, and synergistic. 2. This person has mastered all 7 levels of the Optima Zones of Leadership and can move up and down the scale at will to exercise situational leadership. 3. As an individual they are equanimous, having the ability to experience and express the entire range of emotions comfortably. 4. A person who has mastered a high degree of leadership knowledge, skill and possesses a wide range of general knowledge.

Goldzone Living

1. A way of living, being, communicating and relating where extraordinary results are a part of everyday life. 2. A way of life that that is integrated and holistic, making all areas important and not sacrificing one area for another. 3. A different way of thinking that looks for the ideal scenario, that is most sustainable. 4. A focus on prioritizing and nurturing deep meaningful relationships, love, connection and intimacy, vital and regenerative health, expanding assets, increasing income, wealth and money in abundance, creative and inspired self-expression, a career that totally fulfills, a business that adds value, vibrant energy and the time to enjoy what we love with the people we love.

Goldzone Paradigm

1. The thoughtforms, rules, beliefs, and operating assumptions that produces a Goldzone result. 2. The framework containing basic assumptions, ways of thinking, and methodology that are commonly accepted by members of a Goldzone community.

Good and Evil

1. Good may be defined as constructive or pro-survival. Evil may be defined as destructive or anti-survival. 2. In religion, good and evil are often considered a dichotomy of opposites where good is moral and right, versus evil which is immoral and bad.

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