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Depression & Heart Disease

Recent studies have indicated that as many as a third of heart disease patients are depressed. Upon visiting their primary care doctor or cardiologist, they receive treatment for their heart disease, however the depression often remains untreated. In fact, many doctors are beginning to suspect the drugs used to treat high blood pressure may worsen depression and trigger mood swings in patients.

The Weather and Your Mood

Have you ever noticed that when the weather is warm, the air is clear and the sky is blue – you feel upbeat, optimistic and happy? On the other hand, when the weather is extremely hot or cold, the air is polluted and the sky is overcast – you feel depressed, pessimistic and unhappy?

The Jumping Thoughts

Did you know that energy, thoughts, ideas and feelings can jump from one person to another?  Sounds strange I know, but recent research indicates that this is a bigger problem than you can imagine.  The question is, are you transferring your thoughts to them, or are they transferring theirs to you? This is an important distinction for all leaders…


Good health is like the weather, most people are so busy rushing here and there – that they don’t stop to notice how they are feeling until it is raining cats and dogs or freezing cold!

Don’t wait until you get sick to do something about your health…


Here is the definition of an addiction:

Any behavior that is repeated in spite of negative consequences. A behavior becomes addictive when it changes our mood or emotions.

So, what are you addicted to?

Cost of Mental Illness

A recent study of 30,000 workers showed that individuals suffering from depression took an average of 30 days off work while stress-sufferers were away for 21 days.

This research shows just how important it is for managers and HR professionals to take early action to support individuals before their condition deteriorates into a long-term sick leave problem.

– Chartered Institute of Personal Development


Not knowing what you are feeling is not the same as not feeling anything. – Andrew John Harrison


Denial of Feelings Can Lead to Irrational Actions

Many people who deny their feelings in order to make rational decisions are inadvertently making emotional decisions.

If you ignore, suppress or deny the emotional aspect – you will end up being totally influenced by the emotion.  All the while, you’re thinking you are using reason and being totally rational!

The best decisions are made after taking into account how something feels – then making an optimum decision that includes logic, reason and emotion.

The Economic Burden of Chronic Disease

“More than half of Americans suffer from one or more chronic diseases. Each year millions of people are diagnosed with chronic disease, and millions more die from their condition. By our calculations, the most common chronic diseases are costing the economy more than $1 trillion annually – and that figure threatens to reach $6 trillion by the middle of the century.

“Yet much of this cost is avoidable. This failure to contain the containable is undermining prospects for extending health insurance coverage and for coping with the medical costs of an aging population. The rising rate of chronic disease is a crucial but frequently ignored contributor to growth in medical expenditures.”

– An Unhealthy America: The Economic Burden of Chronic Disease (courtesy of Milken Institute)

Low Fat Diets Can Make You Depressed

New research has indicated that there is a link between drastically cutting down on all types of fat and an increase in the symptoms of depression.

– Mood Food Project

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