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Wall of Death

Liberation Stories > Chart Your Own Course

Art and video by Jeremy Collins.

Intermittent Fasting

Secret Sugar

The story in this video serves as a very graphic reminder of how much sugar is hidden in our everyday foods. No, we are not talking about junk foods! There is so much sugar in our so-called healthy food that it isn’t healthy at all.

Damon Gameau embarks on a bold experiment to consume foods that are thought to be healthy, however, are loaded with sugar. See for yourself what happens.

Time to cut the sugar!


This compilation video is a DRAFT. Please note that we are in process of editing and improving it, however, we thought you would enjoy seeing it!

July 6 to 8, 2018 – Singapore Four Seasons Hotel

The GOLDZONE Experience is a three-day experiential seminar designed for motivated and busy people who want to accelerate their SUCCESS in all areas of life, career or business. Conducted in small, intimate groups, the program is fun, entertaining and highly effective!

And who couldn’t do with more FUN?

The GOLDZONE Experience is fun, entertaining, memorable, fast and leading edge.

Give Yourself a Quantum Leap!

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Zone LEARNING > The Fastest Way to Learn Anything!


It’s time to bring back the joy of learning.

Consider how we learned as children. We touched everything, tasted everything, played with everything, asked questions about everything. All our senses were engaged in a process of discovering the world around us.

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5 Reasons Why Spending Money on Experiences Makes Us Happier

Food and Your Brain

This video explains how the food you eat affects your brain, energy, and mood. Brain fog is a telltale sign that you have a nutrient deficiency.

Using Leverage to Speed Up Your Success

This video is based on Marshall Thurber’s theory of Network Science. If you don’t understand the principle of leverage, you work too hard.

Be sure to read this post on Key-Leverage Points.

Love & Spiritual Power

This video is an excerpt from the GOLDZONE Experience.

All intangibles grow when they are shared!

If a business operates on the purpose of making money only, sacrificing principles in order to make money, what type of products will they produce?

A purpose-driven business operates differently!

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