Leave Your Comfort Zone



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9 Responses to “Leave Your Comfort Zone”

  1. Diana Says:

    I love the quote and the photo!! Very inspirational!! It is absolutely true that I must leave my comfort zone that I push my limits and in the process I often go through feelings of fear, doubt, and disbelief that I can do it as the limits are challenging and uncomfortable, yet once I reach the other side I feel great that I did it: I have more confidence and certainty in myself and my capabilities. I also am able to have more understanding and compassion for others who push themselves beyond their comfort zone. The best way to grow, expand and experience life is to go beyond my comfort zone.

  2. Rowena Neale Says:

    Great quote and with that picture – I was reflecting how many people are out of their comfort zones with this Economic Crisis!

  3. Maurina Says:

    OMG….This is a fabulous quote and very matching image…….Hands stretched out and going for it…..It’s very Inspirational and leaves a feeling for me to want to do a “bungy or parachute jump”.

    I definitely have been and am constantly expanding beyond my comfort zone in so many areas. From my behaviour patterns, my thought forms, my beliefs, my confidence and my ability to handle and respond to situations differently…….especially in relation to the current economic situation and riding the waves of impact. Amazing!!!!

    Love it!

  4. Jing Ying Says:

    It is so true that how do I know my limits when I am in my comfort zone? And yes, it can be uncomfortable whenever I stretched myself. However, the result of that is always amazing… Fantastic quote!

  5. Ric Says:

    Great, I can totally related to that quote.
    Like a sport man , without stepping out the comfort zone how we going to train and supersede our own limits.

    Without stepping into something new, how we know how much more we can be.

  6. Water Tay Says:

    Same here. Absolutely can relate to this :-) Everytime I ask myself oh no…here I go again, and when I cross pass that tipping point and expanded, what a sense of feeling and satisfaction ! The cycle repeats with no end (even though the back of my mind keeps asking when is it going to end). And yes, it is uncomfortable :-)

  7. Tynisha Panama Says:

    I usually don’t normally post on many Blogs, nevertheless I just has to say thank you… keep up the amazing work. Ok unfortunately its time to get to school.

  8. Andrew John Harrison Says:

    Thank you for taking the time to comment…

  9. Ghassan Says:

    Right on! Help! SOS! My so comfortable zone has become so distressfully annoying.
    Self-pressuring myself to rid of accumulted “comfortable habits”, “comfortable thoughts”, “comfortable this, comfortable that…”.
    I know that beyond me and my “circomference” lie : energy, power, love, friendships, etc…. you name it.
    I must jump, too.
    Thank you.
    Merci beaucoup, Mr. Harrison

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